Our services are a combination of where architecture, landscaping, outdoor lighting and art techniques come together to form a custom design that compliments the clients’ needs.  Our current lighting sources include LED, Halogen and Incandescent.  Our clients receive the utmost care and attention to detail as we offer to incorporate one or more lighting techniques to your unique and custom design. 

Architectural Illumination

Architectural Illumination is where the general focus is on the architecture.  We accent the high points, stone or brick on the home or building to showcase elegant architecture. We survey and help choose which areas and architectural details you want to showcase before installation of your new system.  The installation process can take one to three days, depending on the size of the project.

Path Lighting

Path Lighting illuminates the dark areas found in flowerbeds, stone pathways and the front, side and back yard sidewalk entrances.  This technique is excellent for pool areas because of the focus on pathways.  Lighting the darker areas along pathways can reduce the risk of injury from lack of visibility. 

Up Lighting

Up Lighting has a general focus on illuminating medium to large trees, brushes and shrubs.  Clients that have a nice garden and tall trees use this technique as an opportunity to reveal the beauty in the estate.

Security Lighting

Security Lighting can provide security against intrusion.  This technique strategically places up and down lights on key features of the home or building by placing energy efficient components that will reduce the cost of overnight illumination.  Combining the security lighting and landscaping can add for additional protection.

Holiday and Special Events

Holiday and special event lighting is also available. Personal celebrations, reunions, parties and all of those special life moments require a particular lighting enhancement. We strive to bring your imagination to life.

Under Water Lighting

Underwater Lighting will create a beauty to your fountains and pools that is unparalleled to any thing by comparison. Installation is easier than years past so the process causes the least amount of drilling to the pool wall.  Underwater lighting is a great way to make your waterways safe and a more enjoyable experience.